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Julia Marino

Julia learned to see the world through a lens from the day she was born, as her earliest memories were preserved through photographs and videos by her parents. The day the camera was handed to her and she was asked to take a picture of them she will always remember because of the feeling of responsibility and power it brought with it, for the first time she was able to show them how she saw the moment.

Nowadays family albums continue to influence her photographs, the aspect of how families want to be represented and remembered in years to come. Her work is a mix of staged images and candid moments, occasionally trying to reconstruct found images with a cast and set.

Born and raised half Dutch, half Italian, Julia is fascinated by tradition and immigration which has ended up being a repetitive theme throughout her practice. Although these can be heavy subjects, her point of view remains progressive and positive, dealing with the subjects out in the open. She uses her work to reflect and cope with it while shedding light to the different situations.

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