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CICLOPE Winners 2019

Three of our directors have been celebrated at the 2019 Ciclope Festival, an international awards event showcasing the best of film craft in the past year.

Judith Veenendaal was awarded a “bronze” award for choreography in her music video for Yseult titled “Noir”. Director Ben Strebel was awarded two awards for his Samsonite project “Born to Go”; A “gold” award for Special Section and a “bronze” award for Post-Production.

Finally, Martin de Thurah was decorated with three awards across two of his projects. His video “An Open Mind Is the Best Look” for Nordstrom received a “gold” award for post-production, as well as a “silver” award for production. Another of his videos, “Space Station” for Macy’s, was also awarded with a “bronze” award for production design.

Published on 11-11-2019