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Floris Kingma

If heavy metal wouldn’t be called heavy metal, it would probably be called Floris Kingma. This guy is an absolute legend.

Especially, when it comes to tight pants. But really, how this guy managed to get 2 kids, we can only imagine. Well, actually, the pants are so tight it’s hard not to imagine. Anyway, this piece is supposed to be about his direction skills, which are fucking great. What do you think!? You are checking a Czar director, they are all FUCKIN’ GREAT. So what do you want to read? That he is award winning? We can comfort you for that matter. Not only won his short film Detector a Silver Mèlies for best European Short, he also took the gold home in a shitload of other places. Off which winning 17 out of 25 awards in Indonesia does sound pretty exotic.

So, if you are looking for some intelligent humor with a ballsy look & feel. This guy is your man. If not, reading the above was an unfortunate waste of time.

Selected Clients

Selected Clients