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Iris Haverkamp Begemann

Photographer Iris Haverkamp Begemann is fascinated by the relationships which human beings establish with each other and their environment, to find order in the world we live in.

With her camera, Iris explores the powerful influence of social constructed realities. Adventurous and driven by a desire to question this reality, she has photographed several beautiful personal projects. Travelling and working together with different people and groups around the world for months on end to intimately capture their lives on film.

Iris’s investigative, documentary style gives an authentic and original edge to her more commercial commissions. There is a deliberate and intimate process involved when using a medium format analogue camera, and it gives Iris the time to establish meaningful connections with her models. The result are photographs with true depth; photographs which tell a story.

Selected Clients

  • Ace & Tate
  • The New Originals
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Selected Clients

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