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Aaron van Valen

Aaron majored in American Studies with an extracurricular interest in Japanese Language and Culture. Niche. After which he spent several years working as a photographer for various agencies and magazines. Eventually, as a true cinema lover, Aaron could no longer resist the pull towards film making.

As a director with a background in photography, Aaron’s films have a very distinct visual aesthetic. Beautifully and purposefully shot, his films elevate the ordinary and bring the extraordinary to life. Whether a film calls for dramatic storytelling, quirky comedy, luring visual explosions, or all of these combined – Aaron approaches his work with meticulous attention to detail. His star has now sky-rocketed, which has led to him directing season 4 of the hugely popular and anticipated Dutch series Mocro Maffia and is currently working on a new series.

Balancing between drama and commercials he is sure to bring a cinematic flavour to his commercial jobs.

Selected Clients

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Selected Clients

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