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    Bart Timmer

    Watch Citroën - Bart Timmer on Vimeo
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    Rode Kruis

    Sanne Vogel

    Watch Rode Kruis - Sanne Vogel on Vimeo
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    Jakarta Boxing

    Michaël Sewandono

    Watch Jakarta Boxing - Michaël Sewandono on Vimeo
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    Aaron van Valen

    Watch Specsavers - Aaron van Valen on Vimeo
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    Bart Timmer

    Watch DNB - Bart Timmer on Vimeo
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    Douwe Egberts

    Jonathan Elbers

    Watch Douwe Egberts - Jonathan Elbers on Vimeo
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    Joe Vanhoutteghem

    Watch Telenet - Joe Vanhoutteghem on Vimeo
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    Aaron van Valen

    Watch ANWB - Aaron van Valen on Vimeo
  • Eurobest


    On December 2, the eurobest awards were handed out in Rome. Bart Timmer’s films went home with no less than five awards! Jeppe Rønde, Martin Werner and Koen Mortier and Lionel Goldstein’s films all received an award as well. Congrats to all!

    Gold Film

    momondo – DNA journey (Jeppe Rønde)
    Volkswagen – Laughing Horses (Bart Timmer)

    Silver Film

    Ikea – Every other week (Martin Werner)
    Canal Digital – Scouts (Bart Timmer)
    Equal Pay day – Treat met like a woman, pay me like a man (Koen Mortier)

    Bronze Film

    Postnord – Freezer (Bart Timmer)
    Postnord – Meat (Bart Timmer)

    Bronze Film Craft

    Bicky Burger – Bicky Beef Miracle (Lionel Goldstein)
    Volkswagen – Laughing Horses (Bart Timmer)

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    Jona Honer

    Watch Volkswagen - Jona Honer on Vimeo
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    Tell me

    Bear Damen

    Watch Tell me - Bear Damen on Vimeo
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    Bart Timmer

    Watch Volkswagen - Bart Timmer on Vimeo
  • Judith Veenendaal

    New director at CZAR jr.

    It is with our great pleasure to present a new addition to CZAR jr., the marvelous and wonderful Judith Veenendaal.

    A heavy heart in a light body. Judith Veenendaal’s style can best be characterized by simplicity and lightness, in awe of the mondain and everyday life. Through her cross-medial passion for film, music, photography, dance and theater Judith opens herself up to every new experience that constitutes her creative work. Constantly in development and constantly on the lookout for new ways to share her stories. All this comes together in a totally fresh and relevant collection of films.

    Check her reel at czar.nl/jr/judith-veenendaal

    Check her latest film, Nostalgia at the right side of this page.

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    Judith Veenendaal

    Watch Nostalgia - Judith Veenendaal on Vimeo
  • Epica Awards


    November 17th 2016 saw the 30th edition of the Epica Awards. Bart Timmer’s films for Volkswagen as well as Postnord ánd Canal Digital all went home with gold (Automobiles, Professional Products & Services and Communication & Public Services respectively). The Volkswagen film also received a Silver Epica in the category Humour. Bart’s film for Citroën also received a Silver Epica. Jeppe Rønde’s film for momondo received gold in the category Films & Series, and two times Silver (Online Campaigns and Viral Films). Lastly, Martin Werner’s film for CANAL+ received a Gold Epica (Media). Congrats to all! Bacon Production, CZAR.DE, Grabarz & Partner, Forsman & Bodenfors, TBWA Stockholm, &Co. and BETC.

    Check out all the films here: http://czar.nl/epica2016/

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    Martin de Thurah

    Watch Playstation - Martin de Thurah on Vimeo